Code Enforcement

  • Addresses questions and concerns our residents and local business owners have regarding city ordinance guidelines and possible violations of properties 
  • Listens to each report to determine whether it is an issue that requires an inspection and follow-up, dispatching to the appropriate city department; or if it is a civil issue to be handled outside of the confines of city government 
  • Offers advice on how to stay in compliance within the guidelines of the ordinances 
  • Promotes public awareness and actively addresses city code violations

Tips on Managing Trash and Recycling Containers
Attached at the following link is a powerpoint that explains trash container storage requirements and shares best practices for container storage.

  1. Check out these resources for dealing with water damage in your home!

    If you have water damage inside your home or know someone who does here is some information and resources for ensuring your home is restored appropriately. Read on...
  2. Non-passenger vehicles may service, but should not be stored in residential neighborhoods!

    To maintain quality residential neighborhoods, non-passenger vehicles are prohibited in residential districts unless loading, unloading, or otherwise rendering a service. Read on...
  3. Prevent water damage and adverse runoff conditions as the snow melts!

    As the large amount of snow accumulation piles up and begins to melt simple steps can be taken to prevent water damage and ensure adverse water run-off and ponding does not occur in your neighborhood. Read on...
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