Street Maintenance & Potholes

Maintenance Operations
City crews maintain 180 miles of streets, 325 cul-de-sacs, and the downtown streetscape.

Potholes are routinely repaired on public roadways. To report a pothole on a city street, please email the Public Works Department or call them at (952) 953-2400.

The Public Works Department conducts the following street sweeping operations throughout the year. 

streets workers repairing pothole in street
  • Spring Sweeping - Cleans streets after the winter season 
  • Fall Sweeping - After most leaves have fallen from the trees 
  • Additional Sweeping - Focuses on streets that drain directly to lakes 
  • Other sweeping throughout the year at various locations based on available equipment and personnel

Catch Basins (Stormwater Drains) 
Please help keep the storm sewer drains in front of your home clear of grass, leaves, and debris. Flooding and negative impacts on pond water quality can occur when storm sewer drains are not kept clean. Runoff from your yard impacts water quality also.

County Roads
For questions or concerns on County Road 42, Pilot Knob Road, McAndrews Road, 160th Street, Diamond Path, and Cedar Avenue please contact the Dakota County Transportation Department at (952) 891-7900.