Application Help & Support

Adjust Your Browser Settings
The most common problems with the online application or password retrieval process are caused by internet browser settings. These include getting "kicked out" back to the main menu or login screen.

Top Fixes
A.  Use Google Chrome browser. 

B.  If using Internet Explorer browser, adjust settings. In your Internet Explorer browser, go to tools, then internet options:

1)  General Tab
  • Browsing History section / Settings button:
  • Check for newer version of stored pages: select ‘Every time I visit the webpage’
  • Click ‘OK’
2)  Privacy tab:
  • Under Settings, select the ‘Advanced’ button.
  • Check the ‘Override automatic cookie handling’ checkbox
  • First-Party cookies: ‘Accept’
  • Third-Party cookies: ‘Accept’
  • Check ‘Always allow session cookies’
  • Under Pop-Up Blocker, uncheck the ‘Turn on Pop-up Blocker’ box
  • Click ‘OK’
3) Content tab:
  • Under Content Advisor, if there is a button labeled ‘Disable’, select it (if applicable, enter the required password).
Online Employment Application User Guides
 1) Application Guide to creating an account and submitting an application.

Contact Applicant Support
Contact NEOGOV toll-free applicant support by phone at:
(855) 524-5627.

Quick Tips For a Successful Application
Pay Attention to Detail. Complete all sections of the application thoroughly and completely. Do not leave relevant sections of the application blank or write statements such as “see résumé.” Applications may be rejected if incomplete. Use complete sentences and correct capitalization, punctuation, and grammar.
Save Your Progress. Save your work in progress frequently when you are working in your application to avoid loss of your work in the event of timing out or other unforeseen circumstance.
Application Deadline is Firm. Be sure to complete and submit your application before the application deadline. If you are working in your application when the deadline passes, (typically 4:30 pm) the system will not accept your application after the stated deadline.
Making Changes. You cannot make changes to an application after it is submitted. However, you may reapply with an updated application if it is not past the application deadline. You may reapply a maximum of once per day. If you reapply, only your most recent submission will be reviewed.
Check Your Email. Be sure to check your email after your application has been submitted. Notifications regarding your status in the selection process will be communicated to you at the email address you provide in your application. Messages may come from the address, so check that they're not directed to your 'Junk Mail' folder.
Accommodation. If you require accommodation to participate in the hiring process, please contact the Human Resources Department.