Unwanted Newspaper Deliveries

Residents may experience the unsolicited delivery of a newspaper or newspaper direct advertising. The City has limited control over the distribution of newspapers because it protected under the First Amendment.  However, delivery agents are not supposed to deliver a publication contrary to the resident's expressed desire.

To request a newspaper stop unsolicited delivery, please see the contact information below:

Star Tribune or Strib-Express

To start or stop delivery of this product, you can call the Strib Express service line at 612-673-7226 or email StribExpress. Please provide your full name and delivery address for the start or stop. You can also report a "failure to stop" the same way.

Pioneer Press

If you do not wish to receive this publication or if your request to stop delivery is not being honored, you should contact Sharon Yungbauer at the Pioneer Press Circulation Department by phone at 651-228-5157 or email Sharon Yungbauer.