Special Event Permit

Are you hosting an outdoor event at your business? If so, a Special Event Permit may be required. A list of frequently asked question is included below. You can also call Community Development with questions at 952-953-2575.

A Special Event per is required if: 
  • Your business is hosting an outdoor event that is open to the public.
  • Your business is working with a mobile food unit, commonly called a food truck.
  • Your event is utilizing public right-of-way.
Apply For a Special Event Permit at our permit website. We encourage your to use our step by step guide to assist with the application process. 
Vivo Food Truck 1
What Information is Required for a Special Event Permit? What Do I Submit for the Permit?
  • A site plan - A site plan that accurately displays the location of the event, where pertinent items will be located, and other event details. Dakota County GIS can be a useful tool as it displays the property lines and has recent aerial photos. Your site plan should include where event parking will occur and if the event is in a parking lot, how attendees will be separated from event traffic.  
  • An event narrative - The narrative must include the date and duration of the event, event coordinator contact information, and a general description of event activities.
I Want to Host a Food Truck at my Business
  • All food trucks must be inspected yearly by the Apple Valley Fire Marshal. A food truck can arrange for an inspection with the Apple Valley Fire Department.
  • If the food truck is privately catering for employees a permit is not required, but the yearly safety inspection is. 
  • If the event is open to the public a Special Event Permit is required. 
How Many Events Can I Host Per Year?
  • Businesses are permitted to host four outdoor promotions or special events per year with each event being a maximum of 10-days. 
  • A property may have more than four events per year if there are multiple tenants/businesses. 
Can Food Trucks Operate on City Streets or in Parks?
  • Food trucks must be part of a special event or promotion in order to operate. An event permit may authorize a food truck to utilize a City street, but only during the duration of the event. Closure of any City street also requires City Council review and approval. 
  • Food trucks seeking to operate in a park must receive approval from the Parks and Recreation Department. Please contact them at (952) 953-2300.