Apple Valley 11th and 12th Additions Electrical Co (2022-111)

July 2023 Update

Surveys have been mailed to all homes in the proposed project area. Please return the completed survey no later than 7/28 to ensure that your response is considered. This project would be constructed in spring/summer of 2024. 

Dakota Electric Association has committed to burying all electrical in the right of way as part of the street and utility improvement project.  All areas within the 2018-2019 Street and Utility Improvement area will have access to underground electric. Dakota Electric will also be removing existing rear yard poles and distribution lines in phases alongside City reconstruction neighborhoods. Staff will also be working with communication companies that share overhead pole space to also bury underground.

The scope of work as part of Overhead to Underground electric conversion for the 185 homes in these areas includes providing conduit and cable from each new transformer set by Dakota Electric to the existing meter socket location at each home along with any associated restoration and permit fees to allow the conversation of overhead lines to underground service connections. This work is consistent with what was completed as part of Cimarron Neighborhood in 2020-2022.

Contact the Apple Valley Engineering Department at 952-953-2429 or email for more information.

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